Saturday, May 20, 2006

I'm Cashed

I am at the end of my blogging rope, which neatly coincides with my departure from Slovakia. After this weekend I will be embarking on a multi-country, credit score-destroying trip for much of June, which should take me to the Primavera Festival and the Trevi Fountain . Maybe I'll even get to meet this guy.

All of this is exciting, but it's hard to leave my new home. I'll miss some things a little, and I'll miss some things a lot.

Things I will Miss a Lot:

The People-
Everyone here in Slovakia has been very welcoming, and I have made many life-long friends who I would bail out of prison, in most countries. I don't want to turn this into an acceptance speech, so rest assured that if I know you, and you lived in Slovakia for any amount of time in the last year, you are one of these friends. Thanks for being so friendly. And I'm very lucky that the friend I would miss the most won't be missing at all.

Another group of people I'm really going to miss are my students. They put up with my lightning-fast slur-mumble, and didn't even groan when I assigned over a hundred pages of reading for one week (although there was some in-mouth vomiting). They're super-smart, ultra-nice, and just all-around excellent. These are just some of my favorite students, there are many others:

I'll miss them a ton, but hopefully they'll keep in touch, maybe with news of their occupying the administration office. That would be cool.

The department secretary, a life-saver, she would go out of her way to speak in little English phrases in order to help me out. She was also an almost limitless supplier of tape, which came in handy. A real trooper, I hope that some day she gets her own department, where people will get tape for her:

So creamy. A friend when you need one. And the little pieces of burnt bacon! I am choking back tears as I write this:

I also must give a "shout-out" to the one thing that really made all of this possible, my camera. I planned on taking a picture of my camera and putting it here, but it proved to be difficult due to our universe's current, and arguably unfair, rules of physics. Nevertheless, you can imagine my camera as a plastic, trustworthy and Japanese companion which went everywhere with me and never let me down. It has many buttons that I don't understand, but that's OK, because we have our whole lives together. God bless you, Sony HSC.

Apart from all of the whining, I enjoyed making this blog, and I now have a photo-diary of my time here. It also gave me a good reason to take pictures of my food, which makes everyone in the restaurant uncomfortable, which I enjoy. Therefore, I plan on possibly continuing this activity, on a different continent and at a different site. I think I will focus solely on things I eat, which means I will probably never actually post anything. But who knows.

For those of you who read this, thanks, it made my year. If you are traveling to the SK, and have any questions, this site will not help you, but feel free to e-mail me. Take care of yourselves, and each other. And your pets.



morskyjezek said...

ML, I really enjoyed your blog since I tuned in. Thanks!

Sorry that the picture of the camera didn't work out. Oh well.

As we say in the CR, nashledanou. Or something like that.

Jon said...

Dude, you could have used a mirror or something -- couldn't you? Oh god, don't tell me they don't have mirrors in SK?!

In fact, you are one of the people on the list that the replacements are meant to contact. I've been content to read your stuff, look at your photos, and see that you haven't been axe murdered or had your organs harvested, so I'm good to go. I was thinking about fibbing a little and saying that your blog inspired me to apply to the program and teach English, but you would probably see through that as I just found your writing a couple months ago. Oh well.

I may dense (ok, I am) but how are those of us who haven't met you meant to email you (without referring back the list which I lost or threw away a long time ago)?

Swen-dog said...


You, sir, are a patriot and a scholar. On behalf of our mutually beloved President Bush, I salute you and you efforts in facilitating understanding and acceptance between East and West. Also, thanks for the intel, Red Fox. Over.

Anonymous said...

truly, it has been a pleasure. it will be good to have you back on this side of the pond, even if you will be on the other side of the country. you have provided thorough enjoyment, and slowed my work productivity by at least 60%. the scales of justice thank you.

KZ said...

Your photos of food (and possibly your blog in general) have prompted me to recall the famous quote:

"You can pour syrup over sh%$, but that doesn't make it a waffle."

So I guess I can sum up my thoughts as follows:
1. Be skeptical of syrup-drenched feces
2. Your blog has been great. It has provided me with countless hours of distraction from my pitiful life.

Can't wait to read your SF blog!

KatForce5 said...

While I've been on vacation you've been a busy bee. Now that I've caught up on the final chapters, I must say that this has been a kickass blog. My favorite entry will always be Vyprazany Syr Day. Have a great time on the rest of your trip and don't forget to take lots of pictures of cats.

Karla said...

You must be joking, how can you already be leaving Slovakia when as far as I can tell you have been gallivanting around the former Yugoslavia instead of teaching grateful Slovak youth the nuances of our strange language.

Furthermore, San Francisco??? I am just waiting to see photos of plates of chicken feet and other local delicacies. Let us know how you like the dried salted plums. And tongue burritos. And lumpia. I'll be back thataway in latter July (with JURY DUTY).

PODO said...

Slovakia Facts

OHHHH, I am recently in Carribean - I would kill for a bryndzove halusky - I am forced to leae your blog:))))) Nice tough.