Thursday, May 04, 2006

Great Moments in Education

In my Conversational English "class" I require that each of my students give a 5-10 minute presentation, using only a note card, about some facet of U.S. culture that interests them.

I love my 3rd-years, along with all of my students, and they seem to be the most energetic group even though their class starts at 6:30. However, most of their presentation topics have been incredibly banal (in fairness, I didn't say that the topics had to interest me). So far I have heard about Coca-Cola (did you know Fanta was made by Nazis?), Mickey Mouse, Walt Disney (who was presented as a saint, ask me sometime about the "dude ranch" story), Elvis, "Friends", Madonna, the amazing coincidences between the $20 bill and 9/11 and Mount Rushmore. One girl did talk about Japanese comic books, which was thought-provoking, but now that I think about it had nothing to do with the U.S.

Yesterday, one of my 3rd-year students gave the most notable presentation yet. For almost forty minutes she discussed "Sex and the City". Her way of presenting the topic was by going through each character that had any role whatsoever and telling us everything that had happened to them during the six seasons the show aired. It was hypnotic, and I almost chewed clear through my pen without realizing it. The money quote had to be about Miranda, which I offer you verbatim, "After Steve suffered through the loss of testicle, she showed her sensitivity by preparing him a night of sexual pleasures."

I'm gonna miss this job.

Soon, Croatia pictures, if I can get my darn internet working!


Karla said...

I'm curious what sort of sexual pleasures were offered after the loss of testicle. Of course, since I haven't seen the show in about 7 years, I can only wonder what brought about this loss of gonad and what effect it had on the enjoyment of said pleasures.

Andrew said...

That was a great story. I especially liked the part about the sexual pleasures.

Dr. Science said...

The second nut is just a back-up, anyway. A failsafe, if you will. Only one works at a time, so the other one serves primarily an aesthetic purpose.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget my personal favorite from middle school--folding a dollar bill so that "The United States of America" reads "The Tits of Erica"


Jon said...

That reminds me of the time when my 40-something student told me all about her encounter with a big black cock.

I was suitably impressed, but it turns out she was referring to a rooster on her friend's farm or something. A good teacher would have told her what it meant. I let it go.