Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Hungarian is Hard

We spent some time in Pecs, Hungary, and Budapest on the way home. It was great, I love Hungary, but I would like to focus here on how intimidating the Hungarian language is.

Below are some examples of the Hungarian language that I ran into. They are by no means the most insane, but were instead chosen for the fact that they are typical of an average Hungarian statement (I think). As a fun exercise, when you find the time, go down this list and attempt to say the sentences you see. Then pretend that you are very hungry, or about to be thrown into a Hungarian prison, and try harder:

Now for fun, check out this excellent BBC site which can teach you some basic phrases in Hungarian, along with providing in-depth and really cool lessons in Spanish, French, German and Italian.

I don't really have anything else to say about Hungary, ever, except that I really like it. If you ever go, be sure to take me with you.


Swen-dog said...

Pecs? I'll bet you did spend your jolly time in Pecs. Lemme guess, from there you headed due south.

Andrew said...

Don't forget to grab some johnnycakes along the way.