Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Animals of the Balkans

I thought it would be prudent to take most of the animal pictures and put them in a separate post. This way, you can have a concentrated dose of Balkan critters:

Serbian Horse- Serbia

Dog with Firm Buttocks- Belgrade

Stank Cat- Dubrovnik

Cat Who Wouldn't Just Let People Eat Their Food- Mostar

Small Bird Under the Table When I Was Eating a Salad Due to the Fact that I was Suffering from Indigestion Due to some Questionable Mussels the Previous Evening- Road to Split

Brown Dog from Split- Split

Brown Dog from Split and Enemy/Potential Mate- Split

Plastic Horse Who Is In Fact a Ride: Split

Dead Food- Split

A Slug- Plitvice Lakes National Park

Albino Dog- Dubrovnik

Buddy and Buddy- Dubrovnik

Predator- Dubrovnik

Prey- Dubrovnik

And that pretty much was my Spring Break, Balkans style. If anyone tells you the Balkans are not safe, or no fun, that's bullcrap, so be sure to go before you're dead.

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Travelin' Fool said...

Mike! Whtazzup? Are you still in Presov?? Try as I might, I cannot keep track of who has left, who is here and WEHN everyone is going. Anyway, if you want some photos of Slovenia, send me your email! Dude!! Take care.


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